Sunday School

Your Occupation and God
Led by Bruce Bader and Josh Agen

Missionary Eric Liddell is credited with the comment that “when I run I feel His (God’s) pleasure.” Can you say that when you do whatever you do during the week you feel God’s pleasure? If not, then this Sunday School class might be for you! The goal of this Sunday school course is to give practical ways to help you measure how you are applying the Bible to your occupation (i.e. what you do to occupy your time during the week). We know that Christians hold differing views of how to integrate God into their work or occupation. No matter what your view is you will be exposed to something new from scripture in this class. You will participate in a combination of Bible study and case study discussions, based upon real world situations or experiences, to understand how the Bible applies to your life. The object is to have discussion on how to practically apply Biblical truths in specific situations. Tim Keller and Katherine Alsdorf in their book Every Good Endeavor give several ways to gain wisdom which they propose is necessary in our occupations. One of these is experience. The highly interactional case studies in these sessions will allow you to make choices on courses of action in real life situations and gain experience in a risk free/failure free atmosphere!

Be Discerning
Led by Pete DeRossi

Join us as we take a look in 2nd Peter and Jude to learn how to recognize false teaching and modern heresies.

The Practice of Godliness: Women’s Study
Led by Women of New Hope

Scripture tells us that God has given us “everything we need for life and godliness.” But what makes a Christian godly? In this book The Practice of Godliness author Jerry Bridges examines what it means to grow in Christian character. Learn more about the character of God as you grow a deeper relationship with Him. Establish the foundation upon which godly character is built and continue by developing maturity and pursuing holiness.