New Hope's Diaconal ministry is a ministry of the Church that reaches out to people who are facing challenging circumstances, and offers tangible help.

This is done by members of our Diaconal Team by meeting with an individual, assessing their needs, and then working together with them to find solutions. Our role is to express the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ and to provide care that will lift people out of difficult circumstances and to make them whole in Christ.

How We Help

This is accomplished through prayer for the person in need, as well as answering questions, and providing counsel or referring them to a counselor.

When we first meet up with a potential care recipient, our focus is helping someone who is undergoing hardship, with the acknowledgement that this can only occur with total dependence on Jesus Christ. Apart from Him, we are unable to help anyone spiritually or otherwise. We offer practical help in a number of ways, including helping with getting connected to available resources, helping with budgeting, providing emotional and spiritual support, and extending financial aid for food, gas, etc.

Normally our care is meant to provide assistance that is temporary and short-term in nature; with the hope and expectation to see the recipient’s situation improve so that they no longer require our assistance.

This ministry is entirely funded by the donations of individuals New Hope.

How To Get Help

  1. Contact us 

Contact the Church office at 920.468.8565

  1. Assessment

You will need to meet with a Deacon for assessment to determine your needs and how we might be able to help.

  1. Getting Care

Our goal is to partner with you and see your situation change over time until you no longer need our assistance. This partnership is a two-way street. We expect you to be honest with us and to make full disclosure of your financial situation. You can expect us to strive to understand you, encourage and love you in Christ, provide for your basic needs when appropriate, and pray for and with you.